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“This book has been an amazing resource for two of my children who are pre-med. Rachel Winston’s book is full of strategic guidance and resources. Two of my children are in college, on full scholarship, having followed Dr Winston’s advice and guidance.”

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Daniel " Father of six College students"

I bought and reviewed this book for possible extended family use and was amazed by its comprehensive coverage of the how-to of getting into the most appropriate medical school and branch of medicine. It certainly makes clear a pathway to a profession prized for its many rewards. The passion to persevere and the extremely hard work just to get into medical school will not go away, but knowing that no stone was left unturned to get the job done will be a life-long satisfaction, whether successful or not. Dr. Winston’s book is key to this aim. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Bobbie W. | Comprehensive & Concise, Complete & Comprehensible  

The author, Dr. Rachel Winston, knows about all major fields and gives much of her time to free conferences. Few people can actually have enough knowledge base to be able to accurately see the global picture, and fill in all the details that are appropriate. This book helps show the big picture of medical school, and how an individual can make the most of it. In this book, Rachel Winston focuses on perhaps the most rigorous of all vocations: medicine. Those that wish to become a doctor often feel family pressure from a young age, have put enormous pressure on for studying, and see how many facets being successful in the real-world practice of medicine actually has.
This book does a great job at explaining the most direct path from high school to becoming a doctor: BS + MD programs. For a student who has made the mental decision to become a doctor, he or she should be armed with the best information, the best motivation and the best guidance, especially in tough times such as the Coronavirus. In the big picture, hopefully this can help a few more people push through and become practicing medical doctors. Certainly, the world needs more qualified, motivated doctors to help solve our world problems.

Joseph K. | Must Have: Counselors, Parents, Students 

Talented children? Smart grandchildren? In the ninth or tenth or eleventh grade, give them Dr. Winston’s book. With its modern graphics and insights, it provides easy-to-grasp information for decisions and the pathways to proceed. Just the clear, half-page on “AP Scholars” justifies buying the book. I wish I had Winston’s knowledge when I was in school. Bet you would have too; even if you became a doctor later! Highly needed and recommended. No children? Give it to a school counselor and make the world a better place.

Authur A. | Happy With My Purchase

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