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Dr. Rachel A. Winston is a tireless student-advocate. She has served the educational community as a university professor, college advisor, statistician, researcher, author, motivational speaker, publishing executive, and lifelong student. As one of the leading experts in college counseling and an award-winning faculty member, Dr. Winston has spent her lifetime learning, teaching, mentoring, and coaching students.

She started college at thirteen and graduated from college programs in such widely ranging disciplines as chemistry, mathematics, educational computing, liberal arts, international relations, business administration, higher education leadership, interpreting, college counseling, and publishing. Throughout her education, she attended Harvard, UChicago, NYU, GWU, Syracuse, Maryland, UCLA, UCI, CSUF, CSUDH, Cal Poly, ASU, Claremont Graduate University, Pepperdine, and USC among other colleges.

Her position working in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill and with the White House in the 1980s took her to approximately a hundred universities training campaign managers at colleges from Colorado to California, thoroughly dotting the western states. Later, she led college tours with students and their families on road trips throughout the United States. She has taught or counseled thousands of students over her career and speaks at conferences and academic programs throughout the world.

As a professor and avid writer for numerous publications, she won the 2012 McFarland Literary Achievement Award and numerous other awards, including Faculty Member of the Year, Leadership Tomorrow Leader of the Year, and college service and leadership awards. Studying Human Capital at Claremont Graduate University, she was a scholarship recipient at the Drucker School of Management. She was also elected to the statewide Board of Governors for the Faculty Association for California Community Colleges, where she served on their executive committee.

She served as a faculty member for the UCLA College Counselor Certificate Program, the Director of Mathematics at Brandman University, and a professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton, and a handful of California Community Colleges, including Cerro Coso College where she also served as the Academic Senate President and retired in 2016. Over her career, she taught mathematics online, on television, live interactive satellite, telecourses, and in large and small lecture halls.

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Lizard Publishing promotes the belief that knowledge is limitless and can be harnessed to ignite, illuminate, and innovate. We believe in the American Dream that all people, rich or poor, can go as far in life as their talents and persistence will take them. We connect the next generation of dreamers and achievers to books and resources so that they can accomplish their goals and realize their potential. We foster collaborative networks encompassing educational leaders, faculty, counselors, students, parents, and the wider network of global and domestic educational professionals to empower students in their educational careers.

We believe in producing the highest quality of information drawn from the latest sources of data and research. We encourage passion in our employees, who understand and demonstrate the importance of lifelong education and the pursuit of educational opportunity. We prioritize cooperation with institutions and educational professionals, treating them as partners in reaching out to and serving student audiences. Our commitment to social responsibility furthers our goal of a better society, and starts with our dedication to contributing to our communities in ways large and small. Students from all life paths are valued, and we aim to think creatively and with open-mindedness in providing high quality service through changing educational landscapes and across student demographics.

Dr. Winston exceeds as a college admissions advisors. Her writings and publications really capture how passionate she is about her work and helping others. I admire her ongoing commitment for many years and for making this difficult process feel seamless. This book offers great insight for dedicated med students. This book saved me a lot of time. Dr. Winston has put concise research and reliable information all in one spot.


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