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BS/MD Admissions

If medicine is your goal, you are in the right place. With a strong academic record and a passion for medicine, the BS/MD path saves time, money, and stress. Uncertainty plagues students who study incessantly for the MCAT and worry about having time for clinical, research, and service on top of college classes. In BS/MD programs, you still need to work hard and actively seek out and participate in medically and academically related activities. On the other hand, the peace of mind of knowing you have a seat in a medical school class frees up time for studies, research, clinical, and medically-related experiences.

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No doubt, BS/MD admission is competitive. I wrote books on this topic as well as medicine, dentistry, vet school, PharmD, and PA. I have researched every school. I have helped hundreds of students gain admission to BS/MD programs in my 35 years of college counseling. My specialty is the essay process and helping students articulate their stories to admissions officers. I also assist with resumes, interview preparation, applications, and college selection. If you hire me, you will get me and not a company where you work with other people. My service is personalized.


I wrote the book From High School to Medical School and Medical School Bound: The Essential Guide to BS/MD, BS/DO, BS/DDS, and Pre-Med Programs for High School Students.


The resources on this site provide you with a good starting point. If you want personalized assistance in gaining admission, please email me at  I wish you the very best!

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